Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Something Different

I haven't posted this on my website because it doesn't fit in with what I usually paint. This is a wedding portrait commission that came to me last year (long story as to how). I was given a small faded photograph to work from. It was frustrating at first, because the photo was so faded. As things moved along and I invented some of the missing detail, I began to have more fun. Like I said, I don't do these types of paintings often so I did not know what to expect.


aaronlifferth said...

Wow. Lane this is really cool. I really dig how the light from the glasses pour onto his face, giving that yellowish tint.

Is that a band aide on his forehead?

JMahorney said...

This is so cool. I can't get enough of that guy's face. I love how you're rendered it. The suggestion of the bandaid is perfect.

Alina Chau said...