Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two Heads Are Better Than None

Lately I have been painting carnival scenes and mall scenes.  This painting is about 19"x24"....oil on panel.   


Michael Dooney said...

I really admire your bold brushwork and design of your paintings. I'll be interested to see more of your mall paintings. Since malls are a part of most americans lives I think that it's a fertile territory for paintings and one that has been completely ignored.....till now that is ;)

Lane said...

Thanks Michael!
You are right about the mall. It is such a place of sensory overload, everything is yelling out "buy me! buy me!". Most people must tune out or take the beauty of the mall scene for granted. I'll post more mall paintings soon.

Alvin Richard said...

The lighting effect and your amazing accuracy of color and value makes this piece almost photographic. Just stunning!